Work test and perhaps a new project..?

Yesterday was a packed day with my work test at Sinne. A great store here in Halmstad with great interior design things and also two seamstresses. Well one of them is leaving and need a replacemet. I got my chance to proove what I can do yesterday and they asked me to make a pillow out of whatever scraps they have.. Do I have to tell you I patted a LOT of fantastic fabrics!! Most of them were mere slices so it took me some time to first figure out what to do and then to find the fabrics.. But it was great with a cutting board at my hight(!), presstable, 2 industrial sewing machines and one overlock (I'm putting an overlock on my wishlist btw.. view it on my Pinterest HERE).

Well I did a charcoal base in heavy canvas type cotton with turquoise frills (but straight) going out from the middle, and a damast type turquoise fabric with gold and silver threads for the center lines and the bow (the bow is made by hand.. they looked at me like I was crazy..).. the middle frills are with hidden seams.. the only problem was that all the details took so much time.. otherwise the frills would have cover the whole sides.. but anyway.. except some small misshaps I'm ok with it and I would REALLY like to get the job! The whole feeling of the store is great, calm and filled with fantastic stuff :) How fun wouldn't it be to work with my hobby but another part of it?!

Anyway.. back to the project I think I've decided on.. I really do LOVE Pinterest (let me know if you need an invite) and a few days ago I came across a paining of Queen Anne of Bavaria and Hungary från 1519 (by Hans Maler) and I really want to make it :)

The fabric I have
Queen Anne of Bavaria and Hungary 
According to Annika I need to find me som flat golden spangles (yes I learnt a NEW word) for all the trimmings.. but look at that HAT(!) with beading like she's supporting the cancer society :)

My ever growing Pinterest collection can be found HERE
and the part with my garb ideas can be found HERE

Happy Pinning!

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