In preparation

Well.. the earth kept turning and all of a sudden it's the day before new years eve!
So what did I do costume wise in 2011..?

I mended a LOT of clothing, made a new simple tunic for Mr J
Made a red italian 16th c working dress that I used while working at Kapitelhusgården i Wisby AB this summer. Worked GREAT!

Other than that I made a dress for Carolin (and 2 matching bags) and also did a crash course in naalbinding with pics on my facebook. Yes, I can post it here too :) Oh and I also held some workshops in 16th c working dress and helped some lovely ladies out with toille making just as I promised I would :) Now they're HOOKED! >;D

But first Carolin's dress (ignore the hat..) and a pair of linnen hose that I made for Niklas since he sold his at our auction for children this summer at Kungahälla Medieval days <3

Now the BIG question is.. what shall be my next big garb project? I'm thinking of using
my kick ass red silk/satiny red flocked fabric with large medallions.. those who know me recognise it from my burlesque outfit.. I think I have 8 or so meters left.. and I promised something fancy for Mr J in the same material too (he wouldn't let me buy it otherwise..)
A pic to jaust your memory on the right

So.. ideas? is this to be the Cranach? I bought it to become a houppelande.. but I don't know if I want one anymore..

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