Prep for DW

well.. lots of things have happend (per usual..) but the greatest bestest thing ever..


May 7th I begin as technical support at http://www.hemsida24.se where I'm already a customer with Kungahälla Medeltidsdagar http://www.bohusfastning.se

I Can't WAIT!! :D

well I got May 18th off = we attend Doublewars in the Shire of Attemark wednesday night - sunday :)

things to do people to see and all that..

well I decided I don't need more garb right now (just som smaller mending jobs) but the rest of the family does!

Mr J hasn't got any new garb (except a few shirts) since January of 2007!! poor man! :( and T1 & T2 are growing like weed!

So garb to do before DW:
Blue jerkin (so far VERY pleased)
(Sture)Shirt with collar
Med his black hose so the cover his but again >.<

T1 & T2 are getting kirtles because they are SO easy to make :) and some smocks if I find the time

and if we find the time T2 needs something to sleep in at camp.. and I've always wanted to make a foldable medieval bed.. or a bed that doubbles as a bench or table during the day :)

will post pics soon.. I've already posted some on my Facebook page :)

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