Spring cleaning

I finally took the time to go through all our medieval garb, and made lots of LISTS (ofcourse). Inventory well needed!
Happy list maker indeed :D

I also set aside all that needed mending.. well that was a LOT!
Most of my garb need some type of mending or alteration.. but I do use my garb a lot more than my family.. since it's part of my work wear :)

Also came to the conclusion that T1 has 1.5 dresses that work.. she's outgrown the rest.. Well the .5 she's working on altering herself *proud mother*.

I also found my old moybog dress I used to wear at my old medieval workplace in Kungälv. It has a lot of holes and lots of ware and tare.. so I made T1 try it on with great success! We need to shorten it and mend, and take it in.. but if I don't make it super tight she can wear it for many years to come :)
She also needs a new "kitchen" dress since she LOVES helping out (wonder where she gets that from..) ;) and plenty more shifts and one or two aprons.

For T2 I'm working on a 15th century short sleeve dress in a fantastic green wool from Handelsgillet. She made me use the toille fabric as a lining or she would refuse to wear it.. It is green with white hippos.. she's VERY happy ;)
I'm almost done with it. Making folds in the dress to be able to make it longer in the future. She's grown over 10cm in 1 year!
She's getting some other well needed play garb as well :)

I've already mended one of my dresses, my Birgitta cap and the blue under skirt for my Landsknecht dress.
Me in my landsknecht dress at St Egon celebration in the Barony of Gotvik in Nordmark (Kingdom of Drachenwald in the SCA). The linen underskirt showing. The queen, who usually wear her landsknecht hat with lots of feathers, couldn't for obvious reason not wear them at the event. Thus I wore a LOT of feathers to please her :)

Today (Saturday) I took on mending Mr J's shirt for the 7th time in 3 years :P
First mended some ripped seams, AND reinforced them this time. 
Then I reinforced the neck slit (halssprund) with some button stitches and an extra reinforcement with a langette covered string ca 1-1.5 cm above the bottom of the slit.
When I THOUGHT I was done I found two holes on the left sleeve (honestly, what does he do with his garb?!!)..
So I tended to them as well.

Started with attaching a linen patch on the back for stability. (Pic 1)
Did a running stitch around the holes (pic 2), and then started making "lines" (warp?) over the hole. (Pic 3) After that I started with the weft, weaving with the linen thread over the hole. I used the needle to push it tighter.
The pics are very zoomed in. It's not as visible irl :)
Mr J will also be needing loads of new garb.. :P

Now a quick trip down memory lane..
T1 at ca 1.5 years summer 2002

T2 at ca 7 months at DoubleWars 2009

Time flies! ❤️

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