The to-do-list just keeps growing and growing..

Finally got around to doing an inventory of all our garb to make lists (yes I do love my lists) of what needs to be mended, replaced and/or made..

We brought our pavillion home from Visby and need to measure it out again since we need new beds that actually fit.. T2 is too tall for the travel crib anymore :P so the girls need easy beds and we need a smaller one. We have a GREAT one but it's HUGE and weigh a ton!

To do (so I don't loose track):

  • Small linnen shift - sew shut the breast feeding holes..
  • Linnen shifts for working dress - mend both and replace the sleeves (I made them back in 2004 and have used them A LOT since then)
  • Red velvet sleeves - adjust to the new yellow 15th c work dress a bit tight though..
  • Yellow 15th c work dress - weave edges, fix the hemming, fix the sleeves and some other stuff..
  • Trossfrau - Mend lacing (replace with hooks and eyes?), some holes, ripped silk, slit the skirt(?)
  • Trossfrau sleeves - Mend and add lacing holes
  • Smocked shirt - finish smocking and hemming
  • Trossfrau hat - make a new since T1 got mine..
Not super important
  • Wimple - make a larger one
  • Birgitta cap - make a new one
  • Red Italian - make sleeves, pimp skirt
  • Moybog - adjust..? or sell it? or redo it for T1..
  • Whulsthaube - reduce the size
  • Red petticote - finally finish! Found the skirt part this weekend! it needs wings too.. made it in 2005..
  • English fitted gown - add more hooks in the front
  • London hood - press
  • Black hose - mend and make wedge
  • 14th c hose - make new (make pattern)
  • 15-16th c hose - make new? (make pattern)
  • Braies (brokor) - make new
  • Red doublet - mend  neckline, replace metal buttons with woolen? project for camp..
  • make 16th c shirt?
  • Black straight pants - mend
Not super important:
  • Blue jerkin - remake closure, it also needs it's wings and new buttons..
  • Make early tudor garb
  • 14th c headgear
  • Lacing vest - make one..?
T1: the 13 year old is actually fixing most of her stuff her self! *pruod*
  • Birgitta cap - make new
  • 16th c shirt - make?
  • Linnen skirt - make for trossfrau
  • 14/15th c dress - make?
  • Purple trossfrau - fix bodice, slit the back?
  • Purple trossfrau sleves - needs to be made and also add lacing holes
  • Dark red trossfrau - needs a hook at the skirt
  • Dark red trossfrau - sleeves needs to be made
  • Straw hat - mend and remove black ribbon
  • Apron - make new for kitchen duty
Not super important:
  • Waffenrock and hose for the war games
T2: found two boxes of T1s old dresses! they only need some alterations :)
  • Blue Italian 15th c dress - make new closure
  • Partlet - fix the side
  • Grey shift - add buttons
  • Pink princess - puff needs some TLC on the sleeves and the lacing in the back.. could use some mending if I can find the fabric
  • Viking apron dress - let it out somewhat.. 
  • Black 16th c sleeveless dress - the girls have decided that the dress will be turned into a Landsknecht.. so it needs pimpin.. and maybe a hat..
  • Viking kaftan - move the buttons and let the hem back down
Not super important:
  • Red English fitted gown and cap - will have to wait until this fall but needs a lot of work since I never totally finished it.. redo the bodice, pimp the skirt
  • Shift - make new?
  • Green play dress - redo if I can find the fabric or put it away..
  • 16th c silk dress - make longer strings or put it away.. (it's not like we have a shortage of dresses)

and then there's the furniture and kitchen things to fix.. and put together

so.. TO WORK!

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