cut out all the pieces for Mr J's sleeves - outer fabric and lining, no interlining in the sleeves since he's a very.. 'hot' person.. in all sense of the word according to me ;) and sew them together separately so that I can [vändsy] them together making the top curvy part look so much better with less effort :) well they're now pinned together and ready for me to finish them tomorrow and attatch them to the bodice(? what's it called when it's on a man..? torso?)

Still the pattern fits perfectly together as does all the pieces of fabric -knock on wood- let's hope it stays this way 'til it's finished.

Thinking about what length I should do the skirt and if I should lace or use buttons.. any ideas?

Well.. while I tended to the sleeves T1 finished her pilgrim's bag and blinged it out with twi teal coloured tassles I made for her. She's very proud of her werk, as am I <3

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