A long time coming..

Well this hasn't been updated in a year.. I promise I do make stuff!

But now for something completely different :)

I finally digitized all the family's devices (for the SCA)

Ælfwynn of York
(that's me) name accepted in June 2014
Gules, a pair of wings conjoined in lure, a point pointed argent

device accepted in June 2015
Award of Arms 2003
Gyllene Bandets Orden (Golden ribbon) 2005
Orden des Lindquistringes 2008
Panache 2012
Dragon's Tear 2013
Heart of Gotvik 2017
Princess of Nordmark May 2017

Jacob Gareys
(the husband who never responded when ppl called him Axel Jäderholm anyway..)
Gules, an anvil a point pointed and in chief three mullets of six argent

name & device accepted June 2015
Award of Arms 2005
LjusOrden (Order of Light) 2015
Gyllene Bandets Orden (Golden Ribbon) 2014
St Egons Hjärta (Heart of S:t Egon) 2016 

Beatrix Gareysin
(the teenager now with the title LADY after her AoA at Double Wars)
Azure, issuant from base a sun and in chief three etoiles Or

name & device accepted June 2015
Dragon's Jewel 2010
Nordmarks Ekorre 2011
Dragon's Pride 2015
Award of Arms 2016

Anna Gareysin
(so she can play Frost whenever she wants)
Purpure, a papillion and in chief three hearts Or
name & device accepted in June 2015
Dragon's Jewel 2015
Nordmarks Hare 2016

Also found an old shield base that I played around with.. because it's fun :P
Black skull with white wings is a badge I'm thinking about for myself, on the right is the purple arm with golden goblet from my household The Purple Dragon, green poofy feather, scales for merchant and Libra and a sewing needle (it used to be a sword..)

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