The mad hatter

Well.. me and my eldest daughter (T1 12yrs) are going to 12th night Coronation in Attemark..

For some time now she's been asking (pestering..) me about making her some landsknecht dresses..

well.. since she's outgrown her purple dress I thought it would be easier to start with redoing it and pimping it instead.. and I also got her some feathers for Christmas (she went SQUEEEEE!)

  • Opening up the neck and widening the holes for the arms (?? lost my words there.. ärmhålet..)
  • Lengthening the dress (well.. have to lengthen it some more now..)
  • Removing the lacing (she hated it)
  • Remove the black trim on the bodice
  • Remove the sleeves that are too small and need Landsknecht-pimpin'
  • Pimp the sleeves (white poof poof)
  • Add lacing points to sleeve and dress for attachment
  • Lengthen it some more..
  • Add hooks and eyes to the front
  • Add new trim to the bodice
  • Slash the back (flower design she's made herself)
  • Make hat.. sorted that.. see pic below ;)
  • Make underdress
  • Make false collar
  • Make cap
  • Redo my old (too small) partlet to fit her
I've also told her that it's time she started making (at least parts of) her own garb.. ;)
Turns out my small hat fit her and her new feathers PERFECTLY!
Just need to remove some of my bling..

Well.. now I need a new hat instead :P To be honest.. the small one was a "temporary" one I made over 5 years ago and is too small for me anyway.. so I gathered some info on hats I like.. this time my inspiration was:

1. Hans Holbein the Younger Portrait of a Young Man, c. 1520/1530
Portrait of a young woman as allegory warning against foolishness and false love. Attr. to the
Master of the portraits of the Princes,1485-1500

Standing Woman Circle of Lucas Cranach the Elder  (German, Kronach 1472–1553 Weimar)
4. Rektorat von Werner Schlierback WS 1506. Basel, Universitätsbibliothek vol 1.

First sketches:
From above, underneath (with the silk filled brim) and the layout of the top bit..

My own lists before 12th Night Coronation

  • Sleeves
    • Find them :P
    • Mend the poof poof by the elbows (also make it harder for me to get caught in door handles all the time..)
    • Sort out a good attatch-to-bodice solution
    • Add poof slash bling to the top of the sleeves (? haven't decided yet) and thus hiding the attatch-to-bodice whoblah
  • Kampfrau dress
    • Mend the lacing
    • Mend the front seam in the skirt
  • Make new hat..
  • Make new wulst (smaller than the first one..) Got some excellent ideas from Viscountess Whilja thank-you-very-much!
Well you know I love pinterest.. so I created a new board for my 16th C garb project(s)

And here's my 16th C garb colletion too:

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