Events to come

sorting out what garb that needs to be done for the events this fall/winter.
10th wedding
vikings or not? bring the kids or not?

23-25th Aarnimetsä Baronial Investiture
would be SO fun! but economically I think it's a no :(

T2 turns 3 on the 28th!

1st propably T2's b-day party

7-9th Drachenwald Crown Tournament in my own Barony of Gotvik!
*mend my brittish bling
*make a Brittish garb for Mr J
*make sure the kids haven't outgrown all their warmer garb..

22nd PROBABLY mine and Mr J's combined b-day party (or the 15th..?)

11-13th Drachenwald University in Holmrike
can't fins any info on cost yet.. would be fun to go though..

9-11th Lucia & Baronial Investiture in Styringheim
team up with others and go by car..
any one want to babysit T1 & T2 so that I and Mr J can have some alone time..? <3
* WARM garb
*need to make those socks for myself.. I've had them cut out for 5 years..
börjat lista eventen vi vill åka på i höst/vinter och vad som behöver fixas inför..

10e bröllop med önskat vikingatema.. har vi kläder så det funkar? ta med barnen?
28e T2 fyller 3 år!!
1e gissningsvis T2s kalas :)
Kronturneringen i Gotvik. Laga min brittiska och sy nytt till Mr J. Kolla över så barnen inte vuxit ur allt..
12e fyller jag år
22e eller 15e är mitt o Mr Js kalas
24e fyler Mr J år
11-13 Drachenwald universitet i Holmrike
9-11 teama upp med andra o åka över med bil till Styringheims barnonparsinvestitur o Luciafest
*f tummen ur o sy mina strumpor som varit utklippta i 5 år..

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